Why should we help the first video free advertising Code agricultural business for 6 years 800 thous

that year the same popular DIV+CSSS front-end technology CSS had to say, determined to learn, start now, under a website HTML code, began publishing, analysis of others CSS grammar, a little bit to 2 days, a home with an air of importance to form, the basic knowledge of the grammar, estimation the most commonly used is float. Collection of front end cattle blog, sh419, Ali, Taobao, technology blog, let me benefit from the shallow. Later, the emergence of a variety of browsers, but also requires compatibility, write more, and more natural experience


how do I learn? Technical entrepreneurship is a must

release time: 2007-04-09

Webmaster: from April 6th onwards, SONY midnight forum Intel core 2 of the three ads for free advertising, no billing!


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drop out, low seniority, job pressure and other factors make me have to work harder than others. The most immediate consequence may be unemployment. I came here to look for a job in Beijing, and now I’m glad that some of my managers have given me a chance to get started. He did not because of my education, wearing old-fashioned way but don’t hire me. It may also have something to do with your first year’s work. There are several web pages that you can design and develop. 2 years of work, repeated work every day, not to write code that kind of repetition, 2500 of wages, work is 2 years without a sense of the end, then did not dare to raise wages, for fear of how?. From then on, my sense of crisis became more and more serious and I could not go on like this.


imagine. Why do we play these ads for their free. If the advertising did not pay. The first video advertising. These should be the end of the first video but did not do so. But with a free way. So we webmaster PV more useless. Advertising revenue a day less than a day but, first, the video is received two side money. Earned the two. Don’t know the webmaster how to think.. we should appeal to the first stop of this free video advertising itself… The first video advertising page we have certain effect… So we also want to help them free advertising.. well.. justice save

this week, I found that my first video was getting less and less, and the site’s PV was also dropping… Until the first video, I found the following announcement,

was popular with the prototype.js framework that year. The front-end technology obsession, 2400 lines of code, read, do not understand sh419 shlf1314, almost saw it 20 times, because without the JS language, is a look at the first half of the year, half down, JS capability, began to write their own library, get online open source library. How to love yourself a rewrite, and then improved according to their own ideas. In order to write a validation verification control, the entire front and rear modified for nearly 3 months, the front-end technology has been greatly improved. After that, tree controls, scroll controls, animation controls, floating controls, menus, and drag controls. These are in their own subsequent venture projects in line by line. This sense of accomplishment is far from being felt by ism. Now it’s all directly used in my project. In front of the whole project, besides the prototype, the front end is all his own writers. It is because of this persistence, we have to do so, and then make the front end technology to have the heart to use, but also served as the company’s subsequent projects JS development of all the work.

the free end time of the specific advertising film will be announced to the webmaster!

why do we have to advertise free for the first video?

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is a "code" of agricultural business, 6 years 800 thousand, dreams may have a chance ", a lot of friends want to know, as Internet entrepreneurs how I do, now have the opportunity to start? Today decided to put these years of entrepreneurial encountered difficulties and setbacks and entrepreneurial experiences, and business friends share.

~ ~!

northward pressure, decided to change

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