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is not only the outside world does not know between Ding Lei and jingling out exactly what the problem is, even the way we don’t know what is what time node, or what a decision with Gordon Ding Lei. A woman who had worked for many years in the old NetEase game game that, between two people, Zhan Ding is no real contradiction, Ding Lei should be expected to have more direct management of the game business, so the cup of wine Bingquan release. According to the Tencent of science and technology understanding, in the sound after the departure of Ding Lei had specifically went to Guangzhou for several days, dinner jingle jioubu, to appease.

editor’s note: entrepreneurship is a hard slog. If you anticipate the pitfalls and forks along the way, you’ll have a higher chance of success. As a result, entrepreneurs are more likely to get a mirror view of their own entrepreneurial dilemmas and lessons than those that are almost perfect.

2, don’t take the lazy psychology to see Wangzhuan, want to make money, have to think.

B: Wangzhuan master, effort be made according to the different volume of money, money is not a myth! Because at this level, I had learned to let others make money for themselves. Have some basic knowledge of English and network can read simple English letters, will be posted on the major Chinese Forums, need to use their brains and willing to study.

network part-time and realistic career nature is the same. Not only is their hands, Grade A, only in the lowest layer of the industry, is doing the most tired, but the handful of people with the least. And to reach the B level is not the same, this level of people have understood how to use others to make money for themselves, and even do not have access to the Internet, you can still have income. C class needless to say, the average person can not reach that realm.


        out of the NetEase for 15 months, has faded out of the limelight of the public eye NetEase’s former chief operating officer, Zhan Zhonghui and not idle. Love this T-shirt big pants and slippers in 70 after the uncle did not seem so grass root, had created the NetEase game team and a variety of suction gold products he, today have a company named Jane Wyatt Technology hereinafter referred to as Jane Wyatt entrepreneurial game company.


4, Wangzhuan can be divided into the following classes:

talking about NetEase and Ding Lei, Ding said there is still gratitude, he believes that he can in the rapid development of online games for several years, leading China’s top several game companies, is a rare experience. He describe his relationship with Ding Lei leaving is a state between peace and part, "when two people have some differences in direction, the outcome can only leave me".

due to the financial crisis, found this year have many new schools do Wangzhuan, especially migrant workers into special Wangzhuan people. Not everyone knows how to learn new Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, often a lot of people by some big Wangzhuan liar or temptation by go wrong. Wangzhuan is real, but not easily.

beginner must know that there is no free lunch. There’s no way you can do anything without simply moving the mouse or chatting, and of course there are exceptions, but don’t be too late to expect too much.

, Tencent, technology, Lou Chi, September 23rd,

5, to really need to understand a truth: since the network is virtual, will also be deceived, so do Wangzhuan the most important is to choose the right

C: Wangzhuan experts, have good English reading ability and web production capacity, but also need to have a strategy, courage, some marketing experience, this, the money for them, is not important, it is important to have their Wangzhuan career.

, in fact, does the NetEase play jingle does influence the industry beyond imagination, in Jane Yueli today, former NetEase employees accounted for 80% of the game, the core business team as the backbone of all NetEase away: CTO cloud wind Wu Yunyang is the director of the NetEase before the game Hangzhou R & D Center; vice president of the NetEase is the former Yan the game department only both the end of the tour, Mobile Games product manager experience; COO Chen Weian is a former NetEase of violence "


3, is to make money online, cyber source and a certain level of English College non English majors as the basis, but in fact can not invest a penny, only use the network can realize the dream of a new industry to make money.

A: Wangzhuan game player can earn pocket money, requires a certain English foundation! Wangzhuan originated in the United States, the vast majority of Wangzhuan site are Europe and the United States, and therefore require at least able to understand English website registration, of course, but also earn $$, this level only in little advertising, web pages, see the message can be.

"lessons" is a deep coverage of Tencent Technology launched in the second half of this year. The content includes the most famous companies, stories and characters in the Internet in recent years. They tell about the real experiences, detours and frustrations of Internet entrepreneurs, and experience and reflection from them.

1, don’t register foreign high paying companies. Such as: cashspace 1 hours, 1 dollars, 400 yuan payment, etc.. There are only three possibilities for a company like this: a:, Swindlers Company, b:, sooner or later, c: is not available to their non-native users


we are doing, is speculative and checking from multiple angles, business sense and summing up the naked truth on entrepreneurial shock.

beginner advice as follows:

but please note that the main character of the lesson series is probably a detour. But many people have come out of the shadows and started on the road, even creating a successful business in the industry.

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