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network marketing has become more and more popular topic that everyone talks about, through the network marketing can let personal or enterprise’s market extend to every corner of the world. At the same time, it will create opportunities for them. Carry out the most direct advantages of network marketing: reduce marketing costs and increase market share. Many online enterprises are also formally established because the management costs of online enterprises are relatively low, and it is possible to develop opportunities for entrepreneurship and demand. The Internet has broken both time and space constraints.

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now people do not hate spam, because it has to people’s work has brought many negative effects, will read spam fewer than 1/1000, but will not consider your services and products. Affect the corporate image. The second is to choose the appropriate means of promotion: we can easily find that now group mail bulk, these promotion methods, it is very offensive to us. Inadvertently also make their corporate image greatly reduced. Therefore, the choice of network marketing means is also very important.

has nothing to do with visiting the forum. It’s easy to find out about the topic of marketing in recent years. Whether it is promotion, SEO skills training, Taobao customers and so on, the most fundamental is to discuss these topics in network marketing, such as the recent A5 talk for us to provide a lot of Taobao off the contest activities, such as Japan, Amoy, Fu Chi contest contest, Taobao charm stovepipe oil off the beauty cosmetics Amoy contest. The guest contest to provide a good opportunity to better cherish Wangzhuan, these opportunities, the final topic also fall on the topic of marketing network marketing, you will

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network is the most information, including the largest, most change, the spread of the latest space platform, let us grasp the Internet this platform, so that it better service to our work life.

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– advertisers: Nine drill network has a number of internationally renowned diamond supplier, support also has many domestic and foreign design master technology. Nine get a net to scour the globe for a large number of high-quality bare drilling and finished diamond series, all diamonds are internationally recognized to provide authoritative identification certificates and related information. In terms of price, nine diamond network to the most simple sales channels to serve customers, eliminating the traditional diamond industry high circulation sales costs, all diamond prices compared with the general shops more favorable.

– delivery type: CPS

– payment standard: according to the actual sales price of each product in divided into ratio: 2.5%. If consumers through a single platform to Party A Party B store payment, the sales amount is less than the order in the online order amount, the actual sales amount as the settlement standard, beyond the online sales amount, the amount of online orders as the settlement standard.

The settlement cycle:

The data

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understand the advantages of online marketing, now you may be eager to know how to network marketing. Before learning how to network marketing, we need to understand some of the key points of network marketing. We must first identify the location, repeat understand to do, know what they are doing, according to the content of the right object oriented, although through the network marketing can make personal or business market extends to every corner of the world. At the same time, it will create opportunities for them. But if you can not find the focus, not knowing that those are the real needs of the object, then the conversion rate after marketing will not be too high, the effect can be imagined.

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