The Qihoo began to pay commission AugustDo Wangzhuan how to choose a good advertising alliance

choose a good advertising alliance, I think is the most important in the whole process, no matter how good advertising, there is a buckle, if advertising does not deduct the amount of words, how can it make money? A good advertising alliance should not very much the amount deducted. The amount deducted some advertising is really scary! The webmaster friends every day to spend a lot of time to manage their own websites, not insist to optimize your web site, a lot of effort, but the daily return only a few cents, is a shock for each the webmaster, so first of all is to choose a good advertising alliance, is now rampant advertising, as to what specific advertising here is not recommended, so that others care, I can in the network Find some advertising League, and then online to see webmaster friends for these ad alliance evaluation.

first: how to choose a good advertising alliance

third: attract users to your website


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

contact Wangzhuan also has a time, investigation from the original money online project started to now, also made some achievements, take the following several of my sites to give you an example, if you think that is a simple lie outside the chain of words, the article did not go to see you with the necessary, simply think with the actual example, relatively easy for everyone to understand, when it comes to excess, or directly into our topic today.

finally give you advice is: do Wangzhuan must.

what kind of advertising to choose specific, to make decisions according to the actual situation of their own website, some people love to do CPA advertising, some people do love CPS class advertising, of course, do CPC advertising, can choose their own love, good advertising to do, personally, if it is a just online website, the first is to make sure your type of advertising, and then in the erecting structure of your site, such advertising is highly targeted, regardless of what type of advertising, the conversion rate is very high, and the needle on a very strong advertising of people, others will from the side view that your website is a very regular website, your website is a trusted website.

members of the alliance:

8 month Commission has been paid.

alliance of Qihoo


said the front for everyone to choose a good advertising alliance is very important, but to attract users to your site is also important, because only the visitors of your site more, you can really use advertising to make money, a general method to attract users to a website is SEO, Forum promotion, soft Wen promotion etc. of course, there are other ways of promotion, but I think this several ways to promote effect is the most obvious, so here emphasize, no matter what kind of promotion, as long as you do good enough, the effect is very obvious.

League address: member.union.qihoo/Main.php? Do=login

second: how to choose good advertising

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