How do you define your brand architecture into the nternet


brand for every one of us is a definition of both large and small, because the website or product, the brand behind the interests of not only enhance the bargaining power, import more entire vertical flow, this is a very attractive results for any webmaster. Of course, it’s not easy to be a brand.

before, many friends together to discuss, since it is doing web site, do network brand, then how should we own brand architecture to the Internet level, have the definition of the Internet?. This is the world we rely on the Internet to implement traffic and market expansion, if only from the search ranking of Baidu, so give your cheap brand meaning can disappear at any time, I guarantee that no value to retain users.

then, in the existing environment, how should we do to be able to build their own web site on the internet significance, to contact more network brand building value, in this I say a few of their own ideas.

The unity of brand flow direction of

1. The Internet is not more than the actual situation, the Internet is more rely on search channels to spread, that is to say on the Internet level, we need to build a better overall in the current channel, because the brand is not only the one or two aspects of value and reputation, sales are more laid, laying the whole ecosystem. Just like your own website, if just from the product definition, I is a art training, but from the overall consideration, I do is work of all college students of arts training, sales, schooling and subsequent employment, so that all students have related needs to come to me, come to my site to visit unity is the key, this is my understanding of the direction of the brand.

2 persistence and centripetal force. Brand strategy is not one or two days, its focus is not now, but after several years of development, so the Internet brand building, brand building is a long-term thing, if you want to make smart money, then your website survival ability will not last long. Similarly, for their website, the brand will start from the elements of the Internet, follow the characteristics of the industry, to achieve lasting and centripetal force.

3 aggregation of information and vertical orientation. In the first point, it has already explained that the brand is the unified characteristic of the flow direction, that is to say, at the Internet level, we need to make the whole process of brand shaping more polymerization. Through brand planning and values shaping, combined with the Internet itself product elements, and then decided to publicize the control and control efforts. In brief, in the plan and the propaganda concrete step, all concrete behavior must conform with the brand strategy all.

4 ecological benefits. Now many Internet giants have put forward such an idea, that is, let their current business system more like expansion in broad sense, just like Taobao want to do finance, Suning want to do cloud business, everybody!

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