Grassroots webmaster in the dream of the road bravely forward

Internet is a miraculous place in aeriality world, you do not feel too many real things, don’t know too much personal tiredness and fatigue, but the mind is always filled with a strive for further improvement of the thoughts and impulses. The brain cells in the middle of the night the abnormal excitement, at night when the burst of inspiration and flashes of vision, often makes the Internet practitioners selfless into his career to fight to dream, even if the road is arduous and tortuous, even if it is not to see the light, but even all the people are against the as in the past, they always go their way, to pursue the heart buried long dream…

and I’m one of them, too. My dream, the Chinese online shopping network, has been urging me to move on.

Chinese shop network, is committed to become the online shop information, expert guidance, how such a mission I forget, because I understand from the outset that this mission is Ma to realize a 102 year dream of great enterprises, the face of friends do not understand I didn’t argue; the face of peer pressure, I never give up; meet the needs of users, I firmly in mind. I know, overgrown wasteland, need a person to work hard to cultivate, which will have too many snakes a scorpion, bumpy road to give people a feeling of oppression, viper in erode my confidence in the fierce scorpion devouring my courage, panic grass swaying shadow eyes confused light that people can not see the road, feeling a little thirsty burning my last line of defense, messy situation to last desperate push me back up, make me a give up halfway regulars, the invisible pressure pushed me toward the edge of failure, the endless waves lapping at the rock. A sea breeze penetration of the human brain, feeling of despair again in my heart….

Mr. Liu Yun said, "only strong, will not be bullied.". We stand in a precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, like fluttering grass, tumbling waves at any time we didn’t roll at any time, the roar of the sea breeze blowing us, but we have deep roots in the soil below, so we have to fight, because we do not realize their dreams, not capture sweet fruit although, anterior twists and turns, but the Viper will not destroy our will and determination, more can not destroy the dream thrive momentum, that is the result, is the power we never give up, it is our source of the refuse to be cowed or submit thousands on thousands of grassroots.

or we don’t have much room for thinking can only make a choice, or we face such decisions without hesitation, or we will not care about this experience, but Chinese web made me again and again in front of my teeth down, tell yourself insist again once, because the dream in the heart, have a dream don’t give up. So I kept walking through the pressures and difficulties of the journey, walking with a beautiful dream.

from time to time, friends abandon their dreams, abandoned the road has long been a site, in the face of this!

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