SEO will upgrade integrated marketing to internationalization

The development of the domestic SEO industry is being hit

, compression, or another way? Recently, every adjustment of the search algorithm, makes a large number of webmaster webmaster heart instability! I have never stopped, and the more serious is, now many webmaster to doubt the future of SEO industry, SEO road workers the future is completely lost, SEO attack,

or another way?

in fact, for this big update, friends who listen to ZAC interviews should also be psychologically prepared. Ranking changes and our own work there is a necessary relationship, causal relationship is always inevitable. ZAC teacher mentioned in the interview, domestic SEO can be more detailed, more professional, in my opinion, this is inevitable. In fact, when I entered the search wave, the boss has already mentioned this problem to me. In the SEO industry for many years, the understanding of the industry than we want to be comprehensive, much deeper, in his view, SEO can not simply stay at the optimization level, the future will be integrated marketing.


on the current SEO industry standards, it can be said that simply can not reach the so-called standards. To optimize and optimize, simply stay in the article and the chain of work technology, is a major problem in the current industry. For the development of the industry, greatly hindered the development of the industry, hindering the internationalization of the industry, and ultimately lead to a vicious cycle of the industry. In October 24th, Baidu algorithm from the morning to a sudden change in the situation, when the morning, standing dead a piece of the fallen. Time smoke four onwards, unprepared webmaster unprepared, advance access to the webmaster also difficult to accept the adjustment of the algorithm.

according to the relevant information, this algorithm adjustment is mainly anti cheating algorithm upgrade again, the main target is to pass the hyperlink cheating site. But after our long-term experience and recent data analysis, the quality of these cheating hyperlink ultimately affect the Baidu search results, to a certain extent greatly hurt the user experience; on the other hand, cheating on hard site internal optimization webmaster is extremely unfair. Therefore, the upgrade of the algorithm, with the formal method of optimization of the webmaster, is also a kind of compensation. So cheating is bound to be punished.

, but there are some claims that this Baidu mutation is not just an upgrade of the algorithm, but also a blow to the local SEO industry. Insiders know, we do SEO to a certain extent in the grab business with Baidu, Baidu occupy a monopoly position, in this big attack against the industry and many personal webmaster SEO be not at all surprising, the blog is also subject to certain extent blow. So, this is not the way, Weakness lends wings to rumours.

in fact, for the so-called Baidu anti cheat algorithm upgrade, if really cheating on the chain to clear. No matter from which angle, user experience or competition in the industry, we voted in favor. The root of the problem is in ourselves

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