Do standing for more than a month of experience and experience

last month, I spent 5000 yuan to buy a game publishing station (, but Baidu ranked relatively backward, and naturally no one to advertising, not to mention income, duck eggs one! But this is not the thing, not a good ranking release station several W others simply do not care about you, even if you can afford it, others may not sell, because now in good standing for a month to W is a very easy thing, the most important is also I didn’t do station cloth hair experience, so I have to spend money to buy, use the results of others, to accumulate experience after the opening of new games.


bought the station he has no good educated, as has already begun, there is no retreat, a chant, get up, but I didn’t think too much, can take into account the money back even if successful, even if not successful, it can accumulate some experience for the future development of the new game.

is due to contact before this one, many of them do not know every day around the wall, it takes much time every day to see others do stand experience to write articles, a record is written, then add Adsense QQ group, do not understand it, consult other webmaster in the group. After a few days of hard work together with my clever mind, finally summed up two points, want to stand up to do, first, is to keep the site updated every day, the original content is the best, not the original Baidu he does not love others, the most despised plagiarism. Second, that is, high quality external links, where this link comes from, spend money to buy, or write articles to major forums, blogs to publish, to increase the chain, such as Admin5, etc.. Third, there must be a heart of persistence. Summed up after these 3 points, I began to move, every evening at 0:30 on time to add original articles, update the site. Because of lack of experience, so don’t put too much MONEY, so only a month to spend a thousand dollars to buy a good link (when bought was cheated, now network cheater too much, we must be careful, other provisions) every day to write a soft Wen, and then to the webmaster forum, network owners to publish, did not think of his own good luck, each published article is the webmaster network through the audit released, happy! This lasted 20 days, finally received a little return, a few days ago, GG began to update the PR value, my site from PR3 up to PR4, indicating that GG look up to my station, although now for the PR value of the mixed views, but for me is to be happy after all, after a month of hard, finally a little comfort, although ranking just move on so few! But I got a truth, hard work, paid, will give you back, God is fair.

so I want to tell you: hard work always pays off. Come on, everybody.

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