visit the website P 10 times a day


a post "a grassroots webmaster do stand helpless" in Admin5 yesterday, was with vent components, did not expect today at 20:00 on my website, and look at the traffic. WOW! I thought I was wrong, there are more than 80 friends visited me an acre".

don’t blame me, the more than 80 will react like this. To tell you the truth to laugh, my site since the line, the flow has never been more than 10, of which several of my friends to join, how can I not surprise?.

to be honest, if it’s not a ready-made website bought from someone else, but a step by step from scratch, I believe there are many grassroots webmaster who have ever experienced such a surprise. As Chen Peisi said in the skit: "I’ve never seen so much money in my life." and what I want to say is, "I haven’t seen so much traffic in my life."!".

no matter how curious or deeply sympathetic or sympathetic or sympathetic to my friends on my website, I can’t thank you enough. This gives me encouragement is unexpected. No matter what I do this site, what will happen later, I will remember friends on the Internet, in my most helpless time, gave me such a great comfort. Although the competition on the Internet is becoming increasingly fierce, with so many friends, even the relentless struggle has become more comfortable.

I just saw more than 80 of the traffic, sense of excitement, really! The feeling is unspeakable! Wife said when I exclaimed, eyes are the biggest since I know, once thought I won the jackpot! But I said to her, this is better than the jackpot feel fortunately, there is a sense of accomplishment.

I also especially thank Admin5 webmaster network, gave us grassroots webmaster a communication platform, let us can fully and equal exchanges, appreciate grassroots webmaster suffering and tired, happy and excited. Like a grassroots webmaster home, I found a warm here.

this post has nothing to do with experience. It just sends a thank you to everyone and pulls me when I’m depressed. It


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