Talk about the small details of the waterfall web site

waterfall layout, presumably designers are no longer strange, as pinterest has become popular since 2011, waterfall flow layout is used by more and more websites. Petals nets, candy nets, cloth bags, found, beautiful, say,, everyone shopping, where customers, people, etc., copy Pinterest site in China, and now a rough estimate, there are dozens of home.

Why does

choose waterfall flow?

since the pinterest style is pouring out, how about the waterfall layout from the point of view of experience,


, my humble opinion. With the advent of the era of reading fast-food consumption, to show pictures of the waterfall stream, is efficient and attractive, fast reading mode users a glance can get more information in a short period of time, the waterfall stream mode and avoid lazy loading mouse click on the page in the user operation, so browse. With the mouse scroll, is not the minimum operating cost can get more content experience, is not easily immersed, not interrupted. Did you stroll around the street and see it while you were walking, and the feeling of being attracted by the dazzling array of goods?

in addition, the main characteristics of the waterfall flow is well-proportioned, matrix picture layout pattern design fixed width and not high so that the page is different from the traditional visual hierarchy, clever use of any line of sight flow and alleviate visual fatigue.



Pinterest was born in 2011, now a monthly independent access to the number of users has exceeded 11 million, the average per user per month on the site for 98 minutes, this time in many social networking platforms after Tumblr and Facebook. Pinterest, as the originator of waterfall layout, is bound to guide the design of waterfall flow.

1. suction top navigation


why use ceiling type navigation? In user mode to browse through the waterfall stream, if the rapid switch to the classification, but also back to the top, and then select the classification, design of ceiling type navigation allows users to easily switch classification, ceiling type navigation can not be Ethernet wide, color can not be too eye-catching. Only need to ensure that when users need it quietly in the can.

Anchor point




pinterest originally designed as a comment box, all displayed by default, intended to encourage users to enter comments. In the recent revision, pinterest’s comment box was changed to: when the picture and the length of the comment were smaller, the comment box was hidden and clicked

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