Use two strokes complete Baidu included just struggle for eighteen days

at present, some grassroots webmaster more and more, the Internet now is full of overwhelming websites, blogs, forums and other sites, with so many competitors, how demanding Baidu included? In this paper, the poet secretarial network as an example, look at the letters since station secretarial nets 18 days, will be included in Baidu what experience.

one, content originality is kingly way.

content is the soul of a web site, and with content, it’s a website out of low taste. As the saying goes: the world is a big finish copy to copy, you can also copy me again! This in life, but with updated and indexed by search engines in the website, this is a taboo, your website content more, then, as his bit to write some original articles so, in order to accelerate the search speed and the number of engines. As the poet secretarial nets webmaster in the process of operation, the original content as the king, the original update as the site of the sign, in the update process with the original, write more and more updates, enrich the original content website. At the same time, will own experience and feelings in the webmaster network at the same time, and content updates to its Web site. The post type website initial operation method and eight new site advertising ideas and related articles, has been China station and other major websites, and Google and other major search engines. Through the renewal of the original article, the poet in secretarial short time internal Google included page more than 80 papers, and in the station for eighteenth days is Baidu search included.

two, advertising is an aid.

I am not in favor of a website only irrigation style propaganda, but also do not advocate closed updates only behind closed doors, advertising content and updating the combination of virtuous cycle in order to protect the site, not a bubble type website, 100IP today, tomorrow 5IP, this station and what. Publicity mainly has the following main means: first, in paste it, know the message, pay attention to advertising. Two is to join some web sites and web site navigation. Three is to use QQ friends and friends around. Four is a lot of Links and exchange station.

is the poet secretarial sites within eighteen days will be long experience in secretarial nets letters included Baidu, please provide more valuable opinions to communicate with each other.

The poet

secretarial works do not modify the original network reproduced the content please join this station link QQ729587007

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