Never silent carrier business opportunities

medical industry is a huge market will never be replaced, people can not be a lifetime not sick, for investors to invest in the medical industry from the perspective of the market is absolutely impossible without the "money map", then investors still etc. What?

list of reasons: the relationship between the people’s livelihood, sustained growth, non periodic, stable and profitable medical, will be the three 2009 IBM company to focus on." A IBM insiders have publicly stated. In the face of 850 billion yuan health care reform opportunities, IBM, SIEMENS, CISCO, GE and many other multinational companies have to act up. From the 12 new venture capital industry promotion point of view, the health care is generally optimistic, there are IDG, Qing Branch, Softbank rich, Qiming venture capital and other 9 to promote the medical industry, and gave a high score.


list in the medical industry, is the general level, which contains three aspects such as the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, medical service. From the statistics released by China investment perspective, since February 2008, the year of the year, the investment cases occurred in the medical industry up to 48, involving an investment of $610 million. We can see from the medical industry has become venture eyes "xiangbobo".


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