Power in detail 11 excellent web pages with great concentration of detail


Eames, a famous interior design guru, once said, "the details aren’t just about themselves. They also make the design." Charles." Indeed, every web page is made up of countless details, and the contents are also organized together by these details. Whether it’s a web site that provides information services or an official promotion page of APP, any of the best sites can stand the baptism of a discerning eye, from pictures to layouts, from fonts to architecture.

The details of

web design are crucial because they leave a good impression on users, and these details support good experiences and ease of use. As Eames puts it, they do design, and the lack of attention to detail can make design feel lost.

‘s great website has different highlights, but it’s equally focused on details: "that’s the way it is!"

, the best web site in 2014, was released

next, let’s take a look at these 11 stunning designs. Their good design comes from the details, some elegant interface, and some interactive color. Dig into these cases, and perhaps your next web design will be very powerful.




Basecamp is a web based project management tool. As with its introduction, speed and efficiency are crucial.

, this is the authentication interface of the website. The designer cleverly hides the confirmation button in advance. Only when you enter the correct verification code, the OK button appears. Such measures not only improve the performance of the site, but also by letting the button from scratch, the "verification code correctly" concept of the current, touch the user, increase the sense of accomplishment.



in Europe, the use of Colophons in the book (postscript) can be traced back to fifteenth Century when (China had many), but this site is to apply it to the website. This time, Neoteric Design shared their production notes — the functions of various parts, from font software to programming languages and content management systems. If you want to know how a web site is constructed, then the notes with inscriptions can help users quickly understand the site construction process, satisfy the curiosity.


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