nteresting web design interface users and designers complement each other

how to design a refreshing web interface, web site design staff is not a small test. If the website as an online store, it is necessary to decorate the store, like a Taobao shop, give people a sense of decency, of course, proper care of some small details, adding interesting factors in the popular interface, or navigation interface, without affecting the speed of opening in the website. Access will give users a good experience.

How to design the

website click on some interesting website, found some design colorful are from advertising, especially small icons to attract users to click, do fun, in the economy as the basis of network, we can buy out of money this creative an indisputable fact, have too much of the helpless at the same time, it also should learn some useful factors from. Since an interesting picture or text can attract a user’s click through rate, why don’t you add these interesting things online to maximize your access to the user?

interest can be realized only when it is divorced from utilitarianism. Running a web site, most of which is repeating an action, especially the fixed template online sites, with little design pleasure, simply ignores the importance of this. Just imagine, to buy their own houses, what is the first thing to do, I am afraid that most people are planning how the decoration of the new premises, even more stretched, will try to decorate the house, because it is completely non utilitarian behavior, therefore, in the new home decoration process, taste a lot of interesting factors and full, make people feel happy, have infinite conjecture! Let Web designers to avoid the boring work hypothesis, can better reflect the value of their own.

interest, for the user, may not feel at once, the innate nature of the human spirit is still easy to capture the excitement of making mistakes. Most likely to churn is of the same thing, online shopping Taobao has done, why are there other sites constantly launched new online shopping mall, but also to obtain the user’s favor, indicating that the user purchase mood is new, more interesting, more able to attract them, and linger in. Taste sensitivity, women born to women to the main shopping site has added a method to improve the user experience.

in site promotion process, design staff to develop a new field, at first only in their website architecture work silently, and once a website has a mature model, designers become nothing to do the "people", in addition to occasionally give web site upgrade, or to optimize outside and these basic work seems to be the general network staff will do the design personnel buried the advantages of no doubt. At the same time, the quality of the website, the user need to test, this test is attributed to many webmaster website promotion is good or bad, and whether it could bring original content, good to the user but we totally ignore that at home, outside is.

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