How to improve web browsing


site is the meaning of the same number of users to access website browsing, web traffic is high, the user experience is good, the website value better, to improve the site, Seoer Xiyuan summarized below, hoping to help improve the site.

1, web content is king, the more professional, comprehensive, more attractive to the user click through rate, improve web browsing.

two, stable and unimpeded website speed, is the first element to visit the website user experience, and the frequent updating of the content of the website is the key to attract the user’s next visit.

The three column,

refinement, clear navigation, directory clear, is the key to facilitate users to quickly find the content of the website, no one is willing to spare time delay on the website, website to enhance efficiency, can improve the website desire next page.


interactive website, set the RSS subscription to website content, website favorites, Links, forum, content review, content voting, blog communication can attract users to improve the resident site.

five, the content page, the content is too much, to watch the fatigue, loss of the user experience, to adopt reasonable page of the line, to facilitate users to browse. The content of more than 800 words within, which show content to the page of the line.

six, link structure, reasonable home purchase the latest content and the heat content, to meet the user’s curiosity needs, in the corresponding column, set the related content, the column content, the most popular items, a large amount of information, you can set the TAG, fast find relevant content information users.



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