f you don’t have Baidu what are you left

just put some web sites to update, custom SITE Baidu, or that (sorry, not found associated with site:www.qqtouxiang8.com.cn ") this is a website for a period of time to do more than a month, the boss of Baidu is not lovely birds do not. But every day she had to update a few articles, although not completely from the user’s point of view is to the experience of the user to update the site, just to cope with the nature, the reason is very simple, not included in Baidu, no traffic. But abandon, and heart unwilling. Always believe and hope in one day, site to its clues, updated a few articles, suddenly reminds me of a former prawn question, I do stand for what? For the sake of IP, for the money that can no longer be real, but without Baidu. What’s left of you?. I’m not talking about Baidu. I don’t mean that Baidu will disappear from the Internet, but Baidu is very strong. Existence and network, but not in your moment. Do you really do not know whether or not you belong to yourself, or without Baidu, what’s left of you?.

according to incomplete statistics, 95% of the personal website profit point can not be separated from traffic, but a site 80% of traffic, but also from Baidu. Let me know if you are the only one remaining. Some time ago to do a more popular keywords, not into the back looked at the statistics IP suddenly over 10000, originally collected by Baidu and ranked in the top (not blowing, the word is now used by Baidu to shield, you should also think about what) at this time yesterday, website only the IP or No one shows any interest in the poor, the same site, the same content, but has not the same outcome. All the first-hand experience of Baidu search powerful, experienced the instant of tens of thousands of IP brilliant. But only for a long time, on Baidu can not find the shadow of their website. Everything was calm. This example is to show Baidu can indeed bring you to dare to believe the flow, but in the Internet mixed all know that Baidu this bowl of rice is not good, there are tens of thousands of flow back to you maybe tomorrow will bring you today may be pulled out, pull you pull clean also means you are clean after all, you are not your Baidu open, after all, is not only the alliance around you. What’s left of losing Baidu? What’s the answer? It’s as if there’s no need to say anything.

if you are a follower of the Internet, if you are a master, if you rely on is Baidu, if others QQ cattle do QQ tomorrow to see others non mainstream today hundreds of knife also immediately to get a non mainstream today you see today, if… There… I advise you. Or wake up. My webmaster. Although in the world of the Internet every day may create a miracle with wealth, but for what we are not only by the day and night update dozens of stations live grassroots webmaster is still so far away, if you believe.

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