Sunspot about different operations decoration site experience

a few days ago A5 in A5 published an < decoration website future trends analysis > here, thank you for the editor of the title for the bold, so that the focus of a sudden highlight. Many attentive webmaster friends will find, I not only operation some decoration of Zhengzhou network, also operates a network of Hefei decoration, so many people have to discuss some different methods and processes of sunspot operating net decoration, today will not preach sooty of esoteric to you, to those who want to do remote friends Station decoration network and remote industry enlightenment.

we take the decoration network as the point of penetration, and discuss some methods and techniques of different operations from point to surface.

one needs regular

no matter how many people you are doing, unless you do the flow station, you have to be formal, at least let others look very formal. Have fixed working hours, job allocation fixed, if you only one person, don’t let others see you as a person, it is not going to lie to your customers, but they have let you work with confidence, sometimes your stand ranking is very good, a lot of traffic also a lot of information, the owners decoration decoration company, but is not willing to cooperate with you, cooperation is also a very low price, this is because you don’t seem normal, not to give them a sense of trust.

two should have the appropriate hardware

has a lot of stationmaster income can Sanqianliangqian operational net decoration of a month, but the income has not improved, a look at the city Chinese decoration website, a website for one year in profit millions in the minority, so why didn’t you get a site on the cause of it most of the time, because you are not willing to invest the time, recruit people to recruit people, the rent office office rent, buy the fax machine to buy a fax machine, a fax to someone you have to run the cooperation for a long time, so people naturally will not believe you.

three should have a reasonable procedure,

the biggest problem in off-site operation is the problem of payment and the problem of signing contracts. Therefore, you must be prepared to let the decoration company believe the procedures, if you fax the contract, it is necessary to prepare a chapter, if you use the electronic contract, it is necessary to prepare electronic signature and electronic signature. If they need an invoice, you have to find a way to get it out.

concluded that the biggest difficulty in off-site operations is trust. Customers do not know how long you can do, customers do not know if you have received the money, whether it will do practical things, so we are basically the above three in order to allow customers to trust their own purposes. Our purpose is not to deceive customers, so it is not forever, our objective is to use these techniques to establish a reputation and trust yourself, let yourself get more customers for their own decoration decoration company and website to achieve win-win results.

for how to quickly improve the trust, in fact, this should be >

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