Read 2013 vertical B2C life and death moment there is a sense of vertical electricity supplier deve

in the "vertical B2C moment of life and death: Tmall was the most difficult to squeeze Jingdong next year in an article, the article describes in detail the various fairy tales of the 2012 vertical electric burst, and a sunny brilliant, we are seeing the most vertical road is more and more difficult, or in the Tmall 11 double sigh 19 billion 100 million, the storm, it, perhaps, every vertical electricity supplier should have their own way to go, following it, combined with some cases in the article to talk about some of his own ideas.

"vertical electricity supplier is more marathon, rather than 100 meters sprint, the pursuit of scale of the game rules have changed, and now the most important thing is downsizing, reduce costs and make profits as soon as possible.". In Tmall, the Jingdong for the platform to do a large-scale vertical electricity supplier at the same time, but also to the depth and specialization "to find a way out in the vertical business more, you will choose such a path? Actually, in our daily life, many of which are the development of derivatization. For example, we usually need hardware and electrical appliances, Taobao may feel uneasy, but if the vertical electricity supplier in a specific industry in it, you will do, if the site itself do a very professional, I believe you still have the urge to order, so, in fact, vertical electricity supplier overall, there is a way out, but they want to be willing to go, that way, sometimes without scruples too much, do the right thing, often much more important than you think.

B2C platform competition basically ended: small and medium B2C difficult to survive

platform competition in 2012, is really not much, with the transformation of Amoy net, with the fracture of funds good music to buy, but also to the general platform competition in the competition forever? Now see letao, is relying on its own brand of shoes to survive, but with the traditional market more and more into the Internet era, the competition will be widened from the platform into the brand, this need big courage, but you can see that every consumer acceptance for a period of time for a new brand always time, need to go through the front section of the most difficult time, and music Amoy network


look at the good music to buy, money is always a big problem, with the previous model a new coating, how to tap new mode? In the previous model, often is "mass – to obtain financing — scale — financing" this pattern is slowly being eliminated after all, not all models are like this, especially under the current increasing competition situation, as the year of Groupon, once the Groupon scale planning is what degree of glory, but the enterprise can not support such a big scene, and the final group purchase transition, which explains what this model itself, you need to cycle down continuously, a step away, will not be able to carry out the following steps, money is placed in a small problem in front of the electricity supplier.


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