YAHOO search what the hell are you doing

accidentally became a personal webmaster. Ha ha,

has a problem, that is, often go to site own web site.

generally go to Baidu or GG to site, that is, on the right side of the results, some of the relevant advertising

, but today we went to Yahoo in site.

found that the last result under site’s first page was the generalization of

placed two ads for space providers below.

suddenly reminds me of the past have been out of this situation, then that is the same website promotion results.

is looking at it now. It’s all Yahoo League advertising.

it’s more subtle.

helpless, now more and more advertising. Baidu, GG, and Yahoo will put sponsors ads first on the first page of your search results.

will also put something on the right, go to Alibaba, see where to look, and what kind of ads.

even if you search for something different, he’ll show it to Alibaba and see if there is any.

speechless. Definitely not. Man knows it.

ha ha. I wrote some personal feelings.

estimates that Yahoo doesn’t use much. But YAHOO statistics are good. Personal webmaster, I recommend using

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