Operation advanced in addition to burn money operation but also to play something

"to recruit new products, to promote users to retain and active, as if in addition to red packets, coupons, hair points, and send all kinds of virtual prizes in kind, I can not think of any other way.". Besides these, what can the operation do in the end?"

believe that many operations in the work process, will encounter such confusion, in the experience of products for a period of time after the operation, found the operation work encountered a bottleneck: users have become accustomed to free access to products or even lose rights, not to continue the interests of users will be stimulated in large quantities in the loss. But once the subsidies and incentives to go, one is the consumption of funds may exceed the range of affordable, authenticity and validity on the other hand, users are difficult to identify, and users have been accustomed to it, eventually spoiled, I’m afraid that one day when the operation is determined not to spoil, is the day of the user cruel to leave.

therefore, although interest stimulation is one of the most direct and most effective incentive means the user operation, but completely rely on stimulate interest to operate it is not, in order to promote, pull new, retention and active operation in the end what to do?

one, create a sense of achievement system

if the interest stimulation satisfies the user’s survival and the instinctive level of demand, then the sense of achievement is more directed at the spiritual needs of the user. There are several ways of building a sense of achievement:

planning growth level and Title: classification of users, different grades corresponding to different grades, titles and different privileges within the product, to encourage users to take active level of growth;

builds a wall of medals: gives rewards to the user for assigned values;

generate Achievement Certificates: for the user to complete a task within the product, such as an honorary certificate, certificate incentive;

makes a list of Honors: using the mentality of users to create a sense of accomplishment in the process of competition, producing an honor list and encouraging users to get higher honors;

launches product behavior report: launches user’s behavior report in the product in certain frequency, as well as behavior representative’s achievement attribute, thus encourages the user to obtain the higher achievement;

give the user score / star / other evaluation: to the user behavior in the product in the comments or scoring, or star ratings, high star to encourage users to continue refueling, low low star prompted users upgrade, in improving the user further cognition of their achievements in the product inside at the same time, promote the the depth of active users using the product.

usually banks, bookkeeping, financial products through the annual bills and other forms to enhance the user’s sense of achievement, experience

two, creating entertainment value-added services

1) interactive game function


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