Some basic knowledge about editing popularizing and optimizing medical websites

More friends,

now learning more and optimization of course, I may even the rookie is not, I just want to introduce some relevant experience in these two years I do stand, please friends don’t slobber, of course, I also hope that more friends to share and communicate with me. For the past two years, I have been conducting the operation of medical websites. Also during this time, I have done editing, promotion, optimization, including site planning, but also encountered a lot of problems during this period. I am writing these words today in the hope of sharing some of my experience in the past two years. I think some of them are more or less useful to some friends. First of all, here, I have to publish some of my views, I think the optimization itself is from editing, promotion, transformation. So, I in the following text, from editing to promotion to some elaborate.

1, editor: editing is a very real work, many people think writing is very simple, but it is not. First of all, when you edit an article, you have to have an understanding of the industry so that he can know what to write about, but how to write an article, which has a big problem. I think, a qualified editor, first you have to think of what you wrote for what is, what role? In our medical industry, there are a few points to note, first must stand in the patient’s point of view to consider they will see what kind of articles will search what the title; second points, is the quality problem, which is related to a process of understanding of the industry so you must continue to write, in the article, you must fully understand the industry information, including a focus on hot information. Finally, when it comes to a point, it is a problem for the search engine and user experience, the title for a user search habits and the establishment, key distribution is also related to the ranking, a problem including related links in the article, which is directly related to the vital key to a qualified editor the.

2, promotion: promotion in the eyes of many people, they can not see the essence of the role. In fact, promotion is a very important job, the weight of a web site, ranking, are directly related to promotion. Promotion is not just for promotion, but more direct is external marketing. So, we need to pay attention to what the external promotion? Said the following several points, first, we focused on the medical website, in the same time, external promotion, first must have some basic concepts, is only valid for that promotion I do what you want to achieve the effect, we do not in a limited number of platforms, if available. The role of the chain, needless to say, we all know, lead spiders, lift weights, more cattle is direct marketing. The external anchor text is targeted to enhance the site itself some address or keyword weight. Detailed methods or ways, I do not do too much to introduce, because it requires their own slowly groping, so that it is conducive to their own growth. Of course, we can’t be limited to one way or the same old saying. There are many ways. You have to be sure of yourself

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