What can do to provide user friendly services to web users

in fact, although the website profit way is very diverse, but in the final analysis is a: aim at human weakness, meet the needs of people. When you can provide some human services to meet the needs of some people, you don’t have to worry about making money for your website. But in order to make money, should not limit to meet the needs of people, to meet the weaknesses of human nature?

The reality is

, including many mainstream sites is to succumb to the weakness of human nature, some quite normal website, also hide some approximate * * thing in some small corner, and some network people tacitly "interaction", too much pollution is the mainstream eye content site to expand the site, the reason is very simple the information related to the product, easy to sell. It’s nothing new to be able to make money for the services of human weaknesses, and cloning this model on the Internet can also make money.

actually, we do, should go to meet the needs of humanity from a positive point of view, the weakness of human nature in hiding, to provide personalized service for users, websites such as a way to make money is the real way to make money from


website how to provide personalized service, to meet the needs of more people? Here take www.abwork.cn for example, only to provide some ideas, of course, the better effect of thinking only hope benefit by mutual discussion, more site builders, may be just some small changes, but it can give the user a different feeling in the subtle.

1, can use text links to places as far as possible not to use images, because of the same size links, text links more expressive, from acceptance to consider, the understanding of the text is always stronger than the image force. In addition, text links are good for the search engine to know what the next page is, and this link is probably the key word for the next page, which is placed in the front of the search engine. At present, many websites have a lot of pictures in pursuit of beauty, which gives people a dazzling feeling.

2, in the website before the planning work, make a system to the site, such as adding content requirements: the content of first empty two lattice, the title selection of popular keywords and so on. Art requirements: the main colors of the website, most links must be linked with text, picture size settings, and so on, the site directory arrangement, page SEO optimization settings, and so on.

through the requirements of this system can begin to maintain reasonable norms, for long-term development or site rectification. At present, many personal Adsense is think of where to go, what is more a day three, visitors rather baffling the search engine spiders, even also confused.

3 page, keywords, keyword set management in the website, if the text of the page this keyword automatically link to that page specified in the website, using this form of keywords can increase the range of search engines, and allows users to click on the website more pages to.

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