No P have a monthly income of tens of thousands of thousands of

is now the webmaster is very much, but it is not worth the money, you should not be scolded, why say! Ask yourself, how many stations in more than 5 hands, I think you every day is There are plenty of people who, whether to update or helpless where. But how much do you earn a month? How many knives are there in your GG? How many RMB are there in your mother?. But not to the exclusion of those early into this circle master leading figures, such as the ADMIN5 graph king, behind the fish, GJJ… Etc….! if you now also want to rely on their own to do some garbage station, rape the Baidu, want to cheat some of the alliance’s click it, while you have time to the strength of the keyboard stop your hands, think quietly! This way in N money may not earn a lot, at least let you eat satisfied wear warm. But now the domestic league is needless to say, we all know, GG price 10 times or even lower to 0.01 of the income, not your hard half to get tens of thousands of IP but GG and how much to give


I am a webmaster, there are also several station hands, not much traffic, large and small, can add up to a 2W IP, do GG, mother, the first video… Etc… I can apply for a times, perhaps more Station Diversion reasons, a month down is the income of four thousand or five thousand, although the busy day update to find the link, even in the middle of the night to coax his girlfriend asleep in bed he crept up to light a cigarette… But… You have also just so, alliance will not sympathize with you every night a few sleep, will not sympathize with you every night is how many cigarettes smoked and survived, because this is the social reality and.

people and a buddy chat once, he opened a mobile phone training class in Zhengzhou, belong to the annual enrollment, is to follow along with learn, the teacher has several lectures, take turns, the kind of partial section. It is said that no matter what you are going to start from the time at the end, instead of specifying what is the opening date, I asked him how he was, he said there are about one hundred people each month, 1500. per person charge in addition to loss of teachers’ salary instruments, venues such as the seven or eight worst expenses can mess in a month seventy thousand or eighty thousand, enough of their own flowers. I am in the mind to whisper, "Mom, you seventy thousand or eighty thousand still enough flowers, Lao Zi seven thousand or eight thousand less than every day, still tired, like a dead dog.". But also the day by his girlfriend for his teasing fool, not normal, heart only computer, holding the computer all day…… (doing this without holding the computer can hold what, who don’t want to go for a ride, look at the scenery look beautiful ah… I can only say that the owners really tired of TMD


I asked him, where are your students from, and have their own web site, I think it is not good, but also pick up a live. He said that most of the students are propaganda, the site has done early, but it seems to have nothing to do, and out of 2000 dollars to do where to put it, after all, other schools have it, I read his website, Dayton

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