No money no technology grassroots how to make money through the network

has been away on business for the office and has no time to write articles. In Nanning for a few days rent is too tired, it is raining and hot weather is really bad weather. Also in the business in the mobile phone broke, but is finally found a suitable office. So today, just starting back, I started writing this article. The beginning of writing a little, my own experience is to write down the process of their own business. All right, let’s get down to business.


actually, like everyone else, I’m a real grassroots. Contact network for 6 years, full-time webmaster, so these 2 years. When I first started, I didn’t have any capital, and the technology was very common. Mixed up to now is also starting from scratch, and early I have done some empty handed White Wolf business. Of course, now I have a certain amount of money, connections and skills. Can already develop independently.

, but recently, a lot of new people and me, WeChat complained that online can not make money, or make money difficult. Don’t do what you want. Today I would like to share some ideas for beginners to make money for you, I hope to help you, if you do not understand, you can also add me WeChat and I exchange.


starts, I’d like to say 2 cases I encountered when I was looking for an office in Nanning:

is the first case of my friend, he is 2 years ago from Huaqiang North to go to Nanning, and he had no money, what. But 2 years later, he began to do about 1000000 of the business, and his hands have accumulated hundreds of thousands of funds. When he drank with him last night, he ran to sign a contract and invested a about 1000000 project with others. Of course, he has many such projects at hand. What does he do,


to be exact, he’s a second-hand landlord. That is, rent the whole building and go out in groups. Turn the big rooms into small ones for rent. I went to him last night, and I was scared. Hundreds of keys and keys where. He said that he had hundreds of rooms in his hands, and the smallest one could put one bed and one cabinet. The large one had 2 bedrooms and one living room. The rent varies from $800 to $200.

but most of them are small rooms, because this room is very good rent. These rooms are mainly for people who have just come out to find jobs or have relatively low monthly income. And the outside is common suite, less income can not afford to live. Therefore, there is such a crowd, there must be such demand, he grabbed the demand. Change a few rooms into a dozen rooms for rent. Several times higher than the original price. 2 years, earned hundreds of thousands. He publicity and promotion place is mainly on the Internet, do the promotion of information in some large classified information platform, some good platform also opened a 1800 year member, do these promotion at home waiting for customers to come to.

second cases, personal intermediary.

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