The key to the success of nternet promotion is the concentration of the nternet

With the development of

and the increase of information, we can see the latest news every day. Is not the more you know, the more knowledgeable, in fact, on the contrary, the network has let us develop the inert, see the latest news every day, watching the latest micro-blog, watching the fighting, after reading in addition to recreation, once again by the new press attention. Ten years ago, the Internet is still a mystery to us, the Internet is full of magic, and most people have a mentality of worship on the internet. Once, "Internet addiction" has been hated by people with lofty ideals in society, but now from childhood to old are infatuated with the Internet, who dares to say "Internet addiction"! The Internet has completely changed, we are living, thinking.

What is the final result of

addiction a terrible phenomenon? Is eroding our brains, a work of the general staff, sitting in front of the computer every few minutes will be distracted, put down the work, open the page, answer the phone, email, SMS, or click on the video back into micro-blog, see not concerned about their own events. The network game launched the anti addiction system, specifically for minors under the age of 18, from the current Internet penetration rate, "addicted" in the network of people more adults, even network for young people will drop to the extreme.

network is a lot of information, but really want to find the information they need, many people will find that the really useful information is less and less, micro-blog is playing with some nonsense Chinese characters, or some gossip, occasionally involve some sensitive events, the news is, for people engaged in network promotion this news, come, go faster, because the network news is not only the most shocking, more shocking, some incidents by the network unlimitedly, like a virus invades our skin, when another more influential news appeared, we have acquired immunity. One day walk in the street, saw two middle-aged woman begging, indifferent passers-by after, also I was treated coldly, "kneel for save female" event in the network caused a great sensation, at the same time, when the US appears again when things like this, not only the cold shock, because a lot of people say that this is hype! Emergency network was magnified more like poison, slowly eroding our nerves, let everyone become callous.

Baidu about network promotion, blog, BBS, QQ, soft text, mail box…… The way many, almost every time a post, all need to spend a lot of time and energy, such as the forum officials push, post verification code, back to the post verification code, login verification code verification code, each like mumbo-jumbo, not looking very easy to make mistakes, so each input a verification code to take some time, do not underestimate the time to enter the verification code, a Internet marketer, a lot of time is wasted in the input verification code, mumbo-jumbo verification code, a lot of our time imperceptibly loss.

the Internet is very hard for us to calm down and concentrate on thinking. We are scattered on the Internet

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