How do you manage your stationery store

for many investors, the shop is open up, but the shop’s business situation in the end how, this is an uncertain factor, in short, only to store operations, will let the shop have a better operation. So, how is your stationery store operating?

1, first look at the store location

The location of

stationery store is very important, it can not only determine the size of the business, but also to make a specific type of products in the sales of great changes. Which factors are more direct: is not in densely populated places, learning surrounding or office intensive areas, mobile population is not much, how near the spending power of the population, mainly in the range of radiation shops have a strong competitor

2, look at the store cashier

a stationery store how much business there is much cashier, unless the new shop has no experience. At the time of the new opening may be arranged according to a certain proportion of the cashier, such as operating area, traffic forecast, etc.. In the course of the actual operation, the boss will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

stationery store checkout can only explain two problems:

1) reduced traffic, business decline.


2) the layout is not reasonable (indicating the poor level of operators).

3, look at the stationery store settings

from a statistical point of view, customers are more concerned about the overall setup of the stationery store are:

1) to enrich the category of goods.

2) goods should be easy to get.

3 space between the shelves to be spacious.

4) shopping environment should be clean and bright.

5) commodity price should be clear.

6) service staff attitude is better.

a well operated stationery shop should have the above conditions.

4, look at the store shelves

good operating conditions of the stationery store shelf layout, zoning is a certain stress. Its main features are:

1) on both sides of the main channel display small hot selling single product, rich variety. (learn)

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