Xiamen guy to play the game to remind you to guard against online gaming account fraud

in today’s life, whether it is male or female, in the leisure time, a lot of time into the game. The world of the game, who has a high level, equipped with more who will cattle, which is recognized as the truth". No such account how to do? Wang, who lives in the streets of overseas Chinese, want to spend money to take a shortcut, but did not expect to be pit in the shortcut. In mid October, Wang was a network of sellers cheated 2600 yuan. Yesterday, the Jimei police through this case to remind the public to guard against online gaming account fraud.

Wang recently hooked a "Zhu Xian" mobile phone game, but sometimes Wang met level high, equipped with good game player, only envy. Fortunately, he was aware of a shortcut: someone on the Internet has been good to sell the account, you can trade.

10 12, Wang in a trading cat platform to see an account, regardless of the level or equipment, are in line with his needs. With the seller to talk about a good price, to 2600 yuan turnover. Pay money, Wang also received a platform to send the account and password.

Wang immediately log in and modify the password to open his game trip. Unexpectedly, just an hour after he was forced to offline, and then try to log on, but found that the account was frozen, and then can not log on.

Wang quickly asked the platform customer service, customer service reply, he said that the transaction has been completed, and the money has been given to the other side, concurrent order details. Careful Wang, went to log on to other game related sites, and indeed found that the seller with his transactions, almost at the same time will be the same number of accounts hanging in a treasure hunt mall website. Probably sold to others, the password was forced to modify the." When the alarm, Wang so speculated.

game has almost become a national interests, but in the play when the transaction occurred at the same time, must be to prevent themselves deceived. Online account transaction fraud, liar is the use of information between different trading platform." Police analysis. When Wang to complete the transaction in the transaction, the seller also holds the cat "can continue to modify the other account; after the seller the same account in another trading platform resale, and the trading platform is unable to confirm the truth of the trading account. Police remind you that the network transaction process must be checked and confirmed after the receipt of goods, then such payment, so as not to fall into the "number one selling more" quanqian trap, causing financial loss two.

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