Open a restaurant should learn what site selection skills more gold suction

many people always want to open a small restaurant, but this is not a simple thing. In particular, the site is particularly important, a lot of novice can not stick to it, most of them are lost in the site above. Only the location is good, can make money worries, business can be bursting every day.

the catering store location is very important but also very troublesome, population density, you must master the people you want to open restaurants that place etc.. Do a comprehensive understanding of the place, and when you have a good grasp of the data, you will be able to sum up and analyze what is suitable for a profitable restaurant.

the need to observe the large flow of people not on the road, and near distance road as close as possible. In this case the potential customer service you don’t have to spend too much time to find your shop shop you taste delicious, catering shops or restaurants to join the site, that is to choose a person flow location.

the center position in the District of the shop,

is also a good choice

the lot above class workers as the major employer, the coming of the target but on business or chat. How to cope with the large number of employers lag into lunch, holiday and weekend business is how to improve the efficiency of business turnover, is the choice of the lot and consider the key.

residential area is also very popular shop address

This lot owner to nearby residents, the key is how to embody the hospitality catering of cordial and warm feeling and fresh flavor. If a nearby residents Social Centre achievements, such as the allocation of the bulletin board, sponsored by the association, competition and other fun activities, are more likely to succeed.


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