The Shanghai researchers can continue to undergo business service

now in order to promote people to entrepreneurship, all have launched a lot of policies and measures, in the Shanghai area for scientific research personnel in the entrepreneurial behavior of some given length continue easing off, open to help researchers entrepreneurship.

"26" covers 7 aspects of

"opinions" put forward to accelerate the development of seven, namely from the public record space, to provide convenient services, innovation and entrepreneurship to encourage the public to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve service level of financial support, strengthen financial support, create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in seven aspects of different levels and angles, detailed the twenty-six the effective implementation of the initiatives.

"opinions" put forward to accelerate the development of public record space, encourage the industry leading enterprises, investment institutions, investors, social organizations and other social forces to build the public record space; the agglomeration and life supporting sound area in the incubator carrier service institutions, universities and research institutes, to create a group of entrepreneurial community, promote the regional entrepreneurship enterprise cooperation around the industrial chain, innovation chain.

5 years back to the original unit length of service

provides convenience in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, the "opinions" from the enterprise registration approval, to the office space, and then to the technology research and development enterprises throughout the development process to facilitate.

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