How can not join the noodle 76 old noodle

China so much food, which belongs to a variety of pasta, complete varieties. The noodle is favored by the vast number of pasta lovers welcome. In Chinese is such a noodle shop will Chinese Huimian people all over the world is known, it is the 76 old noodle

76 old noodle, adhering to the "Legend of the dragon, a traditional shop" at the end of 2010. The beginning of the opening of the market and consumers have been recognized, so that we continue to develop. Currently has 55 stores, the most worthy of our pride is not how much we have stores, but to achieve more than 95% of the successful operation, reaching more than 95% of the rate of return. And the achievement of more people for the development of enterprise values. We are willing to mature model, the core technology, improve the system and more people with lofty ideals to share, so that our Chinese fast food can go to the country, to the world.

let noodle to the world, let the world taste China


76, is a turning point of the times, because the turbulent years are about to pass, the era of reform and opening up is coming.


76 of Zhengzhou people’s stories, eat a bowl of chili pan with old noodle, talk about the authentic old Zhengzhou Dialect:, really, to talk good memories after 70: kneading mud, blowing soap bubbles, throwing sandbags, paper planes, hoop, riding, painting a head of Ding Lao (the old man…)., kite flying, vault, paihua, with the valve core game, catch the child, with flying, slingshot…… Life is like a play, a few decades, these things you have forgotten about


76, is a link between the preceding and the following, because the person born this year, both in the past summary, reflection of the responsibility, but also the obligation to create a new era.

76, Zhengzhou is the old noodle comprehensive reform era, because the old noodle total reminiscent of the old Zhengzhou flavor.

The origin of

: the descendants of the Dragon – 76, 1976. The Chinese calendar years, five sand Middle Earth, sky dragon. 76 brand founder, was born in 1976.

The origin of

two: Patriotic Complex – the 76, recall the 1976, is bound to be an unusual year. That year, a lot of things happened: three founding leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and one after another, the death of the Tangshan earthquake, crushed the gang of four, the……

The origin of

three: love sports – the 76 person, the legendary Philadelphia team (Philadelphia76ers) on behalf of the people: Iverson. A veteran team in NBA

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