Yingkou combined attack to clear the barriers to entrepreneurs

in the call of the central government at all levels of the importance of entrepreneurship has been greatly deepened. Yingkou municipal government issued the relevant advice for entrepreneurs to solve the funding problem, help the business is no longer difficult to let go.

37 years of age is the founder of Yingkou Xiangyang Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd., he will integrate Internet technology into the home care services industry. Users log on the phone with the wisdom of the pension client, there are more than 260 pension, home service available. In the start-up phase of the company, every day to open the eyes of the first thing, is to consider the wages of more than and 100. Only pension, unemployment, medical insurance, the company will spend about 1 million yuan per year.

is conducive to people’s livelihood and promote employment, this project by the Yingkou municipal government attention. This year, according to the Yingkou municipal government issued the "opinions" on further improving the employment work under the new situation, to help entrepreneurs to reduce the economic burden, set up financing channels to become the focus of business support work. Entrepreneurs such as day post, you can according to the actual situation, with reference to the corresponding conditions to obtain a one-time venture subsidies, business incubation site subsidies and social insurance subsidies. The unit of pension, unemployment, medical insurance companies to pay employees to take part in the financial sector, and then, at the beginning of entrepreneurs will greatly reduce the economic burden.

Yingkou high tech Industrial Development Zone

"public record space" where, through the establishment of innovation development fund, the cumulative area of high-tech enterprises to provide financial support to nearly 400 million yuan, and the formation of "loan", "performance guarantee insurance", "fund industry guidance" and "the establishment of venture capital institutions" four kinds of technology in financial services.

funds, channels, platforms, entrepreneurs now can be said to be very happy, they enjoy the many aspects of the There was no parallel in history. helping, the success rate of entrepreneurship has significantly improved, led to more employment, embarked on a new road of life.

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