Taizhou City the first national shipbuilding

China as a land and sea transportation is extremely developed countries, in the market environment, the shipbuilding is an essential thing. Jiangsu in 2008 jumped to the country’s largest shipbuilding Province, but, the world’s shipbuilding industry immediately into the downturn. In recent years, closely related to the shipbuilding industry, the Baltic Sea index has been hovering for a long time, and the production and operation of Jiangsu’s shipbuilding industry has attracted much attention. Then the future of Jiangsu’s shipbuilding industry should be how to develop specific, and the following on the specific understanding of small.

three indicators of the overall decline in some boats to pick up

observation of the rise and fall of the shipbuilding industry, there are three main indicators: the completion of the ship, hand-held orders, the new order quantity. In the past 8 months, Jiangsu shipbuilding data, the overall decline in the three indicators. Shipbuilding completion volume: the province’s 155 DWT, down by 24.3%, of which exports accounted for the total number of ships, accounting for about 12.2% of the world market share, accounting for about 37.5% of the country’s share of the total of 8 million 302 thousand. Handheld orders: the province’s 722 DWT, down by 29.1% year on year in.

of which exports accounted for 93.2% of the total, accounting for the world market share of 16.4%, accounting for the national share of 37.3%. As new orders index for sustainable development ability, the province’s 57 ship 3 million 308 thousand deadweight tons, down 10.6%, the ship exports accounted for 92.8% of the total, the world market share of 13.1%, accounting for 18.5% of the share.

reporter recently found in the research field, Nantong, Taizhou and other shipbuilding base hundreds of kilometers of river bank line, some shipping business depression dilapidated, but there are also some key enterprises to reproduce, weld spatter crane roar of the scene.

9 27, Taizhou port Shipping Co factory, a construction of a ton of bulk cargo ship anchored in the Gaogang river. The adjoining "Wang Haidong welding technician studio, with sparks, senior technician Wang Haidong and 3 workers together in their" rooms "welding" works". "The bulk cargo ship under construction, which is reserved by Oldendorff, germany."

in September 8th, 26, port Shipping Co delivered a 55500 ton cargo ship to Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd. and Germany Oldendorff shipping company, on the 28 day there is a ship to be delivered to Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co. ltd.. Deputy Secretary of Party committee of Shipping Co in the port of Jinwen delightedly told reporters, 55500 tons of general cargo ship owners for African routes and business needs, the new ship specially tailored, a total of 6 ships, 4 ships in the port ship construction. 20800 recommendation

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