What is the western restaurant business location

with the popularity of Western restaurants in major cities in China, Western food is no longer a luxury luxury consumption, and become a common choice for the daily consumption of residents. Many small businesses chose to invest in the operation of Western restaurant. So there is no choice to open the western restaurant franchise?

The location of

select Western-style food store address also need to consider the main consumer groups in the future, is the work of the staff and students, the way to the hospitality of different objects and different, especially to carefully deal with pricing. In addition, holiday customers are not the same as usual, there must be a difference. If the location of the above class workers for the most important customers, the purpose of their visit is nothing more than business negotiations or chat. If the students are the main customers of this section, there is no obvious difference between the peak and the light period in a day, but the seasonal difference is quite big. In addition, how to deal with a large number of customers in the lunch period, and how to improve the efficiency of business cycle in the light of holidays and weekends.

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