Hot pot store off season in this way

hot summer has ended, bid farewell to the summer ushered in the winter, the excited should be Hot pot shop, business is bleak in the first quarter, finally ushered in the spring Hot pot shop, but the king can not continue for a long time, so again, how to do the tender in the catering off-season will Hot pot shop good business.

in the hot pot off-season, the following methods are a good choice for you:

1, open new variety

hot pot is considered to be the time to eat cold, which is a great way to eat the traditional hot pot, so that we have formed the concept of now. Dining dad can adjust the way to eat hot pot, so that we have a refreshing feeling, but also to eat a good hot pot!

2, the development of summer products

summer, all kinds of fresh fruit is everyone’s favorite, Hot pot shop can develop different kinds of fruit, fruit to adapt to consumer demand, at the same time can change the traditional impression Hot pot.

3, open peripheral products

this is a very common method of the clothing industry, as a way, hot pot restaurants can also be used in this way, the development of their own restaurants in the vicinity of the product, better meet consumer demand.

4, the use of daily free single activity

this is the use of the cheap heart to the consumer, if you are lucky enough, you will get free single, this is a marketing strategy to the immediate means, using this method, can avoid the Hot pot shop deserted situation.

above these are very effective method of hot pot operation, I hope to be helpful to the operation of hot pot shop owner!

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