Pet shops need to focus on what business focus

community pet shop is now more common, but because of the restrictions on the operators of such shops, so you do not want to invest in a successful investment, first of all to see if they are in line with the conditions of the pet store. Furthermore, how should you start to work? Let’s have a look.

in advocate certificates, not exceptional also owns a pet shop. First, we must come up with about 10 thousand yuan, to participate in training for about a month and get pet beautician qualification certificate. In addition to nutrition to keep up, should also have a special beauty items, therefore, should also come up with 10 thousand yuan investment in pet beauty facilities: bathing pool, a cutting (2000 yuan) and five head (1000 yuan), three or four (2000 yuan), beauty scissors dryer, hair dryer, hot water heater etc.


twenty thousand yuan for the purchase, involved in pet food, washing, playing and living places, food supplements, including the purchase of 10 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan, 5000 yuan purchase toiletries and some other kinds of goods. Shop decoration, shelves, etc. also have 10 thousand yuan; profit margin: in accordance with the law, to invest in pet stores, within six months will not be profitable. Food, supplies, gross profit of around 20%, beauty in about 60%. According to the rent 2000 yuan / month, the monthly operating income of more than 5000 yuan, can be guaranteed.

to build the core competitiveness

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