Open foot shop what procedures need to make small secret

is now in the entire health care industry, the foot is a common way of health care, also can see some foot store in many communities in front of people in the life to experience the foot comfort, fell in love with this regimen, so now open a pedicure shop what procedures?

open foot store what procedures? 1, opened the registration application;

open foot store what procedures? 2, business name pre-approval notice;

open foot store what procedures? 3, business premises, property documents to prove the lawful use of (the proof of property rights or contracts signed the lease contract and the use of units and property) or rental housing management departments for the record "housing lease contract", the use of the site shall be consistent with the use of project management;

open foot store what procedures? 4, district and county level above the city public security fire department issued a "fire safety inspection submissions";

open foot store what procedures? 5, massage, foot massage place mixed public bathroom, sauna, steam bath, must be issued by the health administrative departments above district, county-level city "health permit"; business Blind Massage project site, the relevant documents of approval shall be provided for Disabled Persons Federation;

open foot store what procedures? Written opinions issued by the public security departments to review workplace 6, municipal public security bureau.

In fact, in the preparation of


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