Join chain and independent business which good

with the growing entrepreneurial population, entrepreneurial team’s growing expansion, the way of entrepreneurship is also increasing, tricks. Some people choose to join the chain, some people choose to start their own business. What kind of effect is the best? Which way is easier to succeed?

the first let us look at the success of the people is a kind of business method? "Alibaba" the father of Ma Yun’s achievement let person envy unceasingly, creating a precedent for C2C B2C, successful business model, the company grow fast, Vanke President Wang Shi in 80s, with its unique insights, seize the real estate turning opportunity now to Chinese real estate leader, and Li Xiang, Jiang and so on successful examples so that we can not help but ponder, so many entrepreneurs are relying on the enterprise, and the success of the original brand, is entrepreneurship is the only choice?

franchise from enterprises, the biggest advantage is that there is a unified management, unified training, lack of experience for the first time, venture entrepreneurs have to be a good way to solve many doubts early start, there is a system in practice more learning opportunities, under the guidance of the expert success can also further.

A lot of information from the above

for your collection, we can see that whether franchising or entrepreneurship, all have their own characteristics, all have the advantage. Whether or not it is the operator’s mind, rather than the model itself.


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