Jingdong Trinity to change the traditional entrepreneurial support thinking

Jingdong every successful financing is a leap, Jingdong is now very important for innovation and entrepreneurship, not only their own development, but also constantly lead the business incubator new ideas.

3 31, Jingdong · School of public record; camp two officially held the opening ceremony, and began teaching. The two phase of the camp includes a total of video and entertainment, intelligent hardware, agricultural products, design, electricity providers, O2O and other fields, including the 53 entrepreneurs.

data show that the public record of Jingdong since its inception in March 2015, quickly set up the public record, public record camp GO nest, raise public class three kinds of training courses. At present, the Jingdong multi-creation Institute has visited Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places, have included large and small enterprises, minimally invasive entrepreneurs, providing professional entrepreneurship training, including more than and 400 domestic enterprises CEO, radiation field of nearly 3000 people hit the crowd.

data show that the Jingdong public record college by Liu Qiang east hand launched, including Shen Napeng, Xu Xiaoping and other top investors, as well as the field of "entrepreneurs" magazine and other media Niu Wenwen the strength of character, and the public record of college students are from all areas of the business elite, have their own dedicated and good at providing a lot of space for mutual exchanges and cooperation between the students.

the public record in a concentration camp students Elvis Presley founder Ceng Dejun said: "to make a lot of friendship between generations here, let their own entrepreneurial path is no longer lonely." Love home Aika technology founder Chen Lijun also believes that here he not only met a lot of like-minded business colleagues, exchange of entrepreneurial ideas and opinions, and learned social marketing in the forefront of the Internet thinking, help him greatly open business ideas, the students have contributed to the public record of mutual cooperation between the students.

Jingdong "three-in-one" to change the traditional thinking business support

it is reported that the selected multi-creation camp during the two and two lotus 8H mattress Sanchuan is "three-in-one" mode of commendation

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