s there a market for cosmetic vending machines

under the current development of the global economy, many people would put foreign popular business into the domestic market, but it does not take into account the domestic environment, lead to business investment although many, but can not have a good development. So, there is a market for cosmetics vending machine? Is there a business opportunity that is introduced from abroad?

in recent years, foreign airports, subways, shopping malls appeared in the form of cosmetics vending machines.

the machine covers makeup, perfume, skin care and travel packages. It is reported that L’OREAL, Chanel, Elizabeth Aden, and other foreign brands have launched sephora.

reporter in the access to information found, Sephora as early as 2009 in the JC Penny mall in 20 small vending machines. The vending machine is called "Zoom Shop", the sale of nearly 50 of the most popular Sephora cosmetics, skin care products and perfume brands, including KORRES, JUICY COUTURE, Dior Beauty, credit card payment. At the same time, in 2013, L’OREAL launched the "intelligent color experience," the cosmetics vending machine, and it is located in Manhattan Blaine park subway station.

in addition, Chanel also launched a vending machine, coins must be printed with Chanel Logo lovely coins, and it will be placed in the famous department store Selfridges in London Searl. Benefit (Benefit) cosmetics vending machine with launch of the pink food transport, which has its most popular products and professional cosmetics genuine and travel more comfortable, the more than and 20 major American city airport.

Elizabeth Aden in California mall, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport launched in red vending machine. In addition, Clinique vending machines also appear in the Vegas airport, including Clinique trilogy and travel packages and other products.

it is worth noting that in January this year, Beijing a large department store cosmetics counters Xifandun placed in Kyrgyzstan lifting cosmetics vending machine. Consumers can through UnionPay flash pay card, acoustic payment, bills and coins, payment and other means to buy cosmetics, it is understood that this machine will be put into use in large shopping malls, airports, bus stations and other places.

cosmetics sold in vending machines, the prospects?

from the whole, vending machines in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries are very popular, and covers all categories. According to the recent curiosity daily survey shows that the introduction of Chinese vending machines from 2000 to recommend

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