The success of the enterprise name and ingenuity

said that although we have stressed, both to the enterprise, or to the shop name, need to take into account the target consumers, can not use words, however, this does not mean that the time to the enterprise name requires nothing new, difficult for consumers to remember. Therefore, the success of the enterprise name and ingenuity.

and name, the commercial name of the essential intention is also different, different products, the production of different manufacturers to achieve the difference between different industries or different products, to choose their own brand of love. If we blindly imitate or drift in the name, often get the name and other business name or similar, so that consumers can not distinguish clearly, its name will lose its meaning.

enterprise name, Hengda Industrial Group, although the "constant" and "big" is the two very common words, put them together for the enterprise name of the font, it is more novel and unique. Hengda meaning is always the boss, always grow. "At the office" and "Kent" breakthrough of consumers now cut corners in the construction industry, the moral foundations of morality, business operators, a metaphor of virtue.


Bo extremely computer company" and "Bo" and "Beijing" homophonic, and the main body of the trademark "BJ", with the help of people of "Beijing" (Beijin) love and familiar to narrow the distance with consumers, at the same time also implies profound broad development space computer company. Companies like this are very innovative, people read the memorable.

enterprise name in the same or similar situation also exists, a typical example is the "Goodrich" (Goodoich) and Goodyear (Goodyar). The headquarters of the two companies are in Akron, Ohio, United States, are also the production and sale of automotive tires for business content. This wonderful coincidence "Goodrich" situation is very unfavorable. It is reported that, "Goodrich" inventing new tires, "Goodyear" will enjoy the most achievements.

so, was the first in the United States listed "steel radial tires" Goodrich company gradually lost past the wind color. Although now like this very similar companies in the same industry in the name registration possibility is extremely small, but in the beginning we should do to create new styles, and profound meaning, it will avoid some unnecessary trouble.

in our country, the product name is also a kind of phenomenon exists. Such as "Hualong" instant noodles, can be said to be ordinary families can All the world knows., some manufacturers have to take a place, "especially Chinese name" instant noodles with fuzzy to the consumer’s attention, but this is only temporary.

, in particular, the distinctiveness of the trademark, the trademark gives it

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