Tile brand low key survival coup

ceramic tile is an essential decoration, good tiles to make the living environment more perfect. The two tiles market in China has also undergone a subtle change, the money market in recent years the ceramic tile industry does not seem good earned, many dealers will think of new tricks to deal with, many of which are the expansion of the scale, aiming to introduce all kinds of new brands, can the actual income rarely, as a money earning the unqualified tile dealers what do good, do not have the "low-key" survival and how can we have a tour market.

do not be too ambitious

many dealer product line is not clear, ambitious. Hand existing brands do not treasure, always feel that the opponent’s brand is better than their own distribution, busy every year to introduce new brands, etc., do some sesame seeds, watermelon things. You know, a brand really so easy to do, the dealer’s Day is better, in fact, in the end how difficult, dealers in their hearts most clearly.

some tiles dealers see good products sell to many manufacturers to goods, actively stocking, free goods, wait for the market fully occupied. Blindly pursuing big, fast consequence is that the price system disorder, but, Cuanhuo result is rampant, many dealers sell for less money. Manufacturers demand price stability, control the flow of goods, the purpose is to help dealers earn stable profits and long-term profits, dealers to cooperate with manufacturers, do not have any idea of bargaining.

to promote yourselfWhat are the seven things to do

so, for ceramic enterprises, qualified dealers to sublimate into the best distributors. Including the outstanding dealer standards: the company long-term development strategy; strong big market consciousness; hard-working, good management, dare to fight tough etc..

takes credit

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