Tax police announced the results of users questioned the price of tobacco control law

now China throughout the campaign can be said to be a smoking ban since go forward with great strength and vigour, the promulgation of this Ordinance, in the whole society has aroused strong social influence, our country has recently released a list of the latest results of the data of smoking.

7 27, 2009, the State Administration of Taxation announced the first half of the tax situation, since May 10th, the wholesale cigarette consumption tax rate increased from 5% to 11%, and in the wholesale sector with a levy of $0.005 per unit of consumption tax. From the first tax collection period in June, the wholesale price of cigarettes from the excise tax levied 6 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of $3 billion 430 million, an increase of 118.13% from the amount of tax levied on the consumption tax of $580 million, net growth. Two total increase of 4 billion yuan. Since the tax rises, the smokers’ wallets have been hit hard.


around the introduction of the tobacco control bill

not only pay more to buy cigarettes, smokers "treatment" as before.

according to tobacco control regulations, the public places where smoking is prohibited to find someone smoking violations, have the right to require the operator to discourage smokers to stop smoking, the premises of the managers to discourage smokers to stop smoking, to report complaints to the administrative department of health. However, due to various reasons, indoor public places smoking effect is very general.

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