US venture brothers lobster business made gratifying achievements

mentioned the grass, believe that the public the impression that color value is high, which not only has high color value jiaocao brothers, but also have the ability to do innovative entrepreneurial thinking, build entrepreneurial business crayfish, fortress, for their own shop from the entrepreneurial road.

this seemingly innocent but life is full of looking forward to dialogue in their high school, at that time with us is also the same as their brothers. This is the origin of later "jiaocao Chen shrimp" brand.

"jiaocao" episode

this year is 2014. "Which day I can not remember clearly, it is probably the time of the new year, we sit together to chat, talk about what you want to do something, no matter what a good hesitation to do it".

2014 in February they quit the iron rice bowl, regardless of parental concerns and opposition, determined to start a business!


by accumulation of network resources they find the chef master, and found in the form of shares of the facade willing to partner Wang Zhu, left the capital, two people together took to save their 80 thousand dollars, 80 thousand dollars is all entrepreneurial start-up capital.

Everything is

sent a resounding name, the name is not difficult, but to think of a good name is not so easy. A good name can bring infinite value, Chen Zhuwang and Li Yuanxun think in the name of this thing must not be vague! After much deliberation, the two decided to crayfish target consumer groups play a loud name, Li Yuanxun was proposed, can be used in reading when Chen jiaocao is named after the bamboo prosperous, but also in order to arouse consumers recommend

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