How to join the Linfen Chen prawns

shrimp, Chinese people are very fond of a unique thing, the catering industry in the special shrimp shop operators countless. But there are a lot of people in the current implementation of the entrepreneurial dream I hope to achieve through the form of franchise, and if the ride on a well-known brand, can provide better support in management and operation, can greatly reduce the risk of a new venture. Now do join the food and beverage, choose a strength brand, more quickly in the market stand firm, then what kind of food and beverage brand is really worth joining it? Chen prawns give you the answer!

Linfen Chen prawns join?

Chen prawns fried shrimp with alive and kicking after high temperature with angelica, Codonopsis, anise, galangal, radix, angelica and other 48 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine to boil the sauce stir fry pan, instant nutritious and delicious fragrance. Enjoy delicious. Based on the original characteristics of the spicy shrimp, spicy shrimp, self development, innovation, the introduction of a very special spicy shrimp series. Chen handed down this famous dishes through the refinement of the improvement, the use of 48 cooking process, the formation of a unique flavor of Chinese herbal medicine secret sauce, open a new chapter in food.

to join the food and beverage industry, we must be committed to customer service sincere heart, to be responsible for the consumer heart. This is the core of the conditions of the most popular Chen prawns. Only in this way, we can get better and better in the food and beverage industry. Today, the development of Chen prawn is not unreasonable. It is strict demands on themselves, and constantly improve the quality of their products. High quality service, get more people support.

Chen prawns currently in the country has a number of chain stores in Linfen, there are a lot of people choose to join the Linfen Chen Chen prawns, shrimp shop business is booming, traffic is very large, day water is even more alarming, Chen joined the prawns, gold hot kitchen perennial in stores, headquarters for your delivery business chef to ensure the dishes taste, shop


if you join the project to get your approval, then don’t hesitate, join it!

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