Free entrepreneurs want to make money to do these five most reliable

free entrepreneurs gradually grow, more and more people want to rely on their own strength to embark on the road to riches. So what are the ways for free entrepreneurs? Xiaobian summed up five points for your reference.

1, market research should be done first.

in traffic jam time, drivers feel very boring, but the vehicle has been very popular. He thinks there’s a big market potential for renting tapes. So in a convenient transportation, convenient parking place opened a tape rental kiosks, and sell magazines and books. The procedure is simple, rental forms (daily, monthly, annual rent), the driver in the warm service, establish a good image, three months net profit amounted to 15 thousand yuan.

he later in the market on the basis of investigation in several neighboring urban rental kiosks set up to carry out chain tape. The driver for the tape rental traffic jam, the market looks small, but Deng Changyong is in this seemingly small place through market investigation and research to develop a broader market, to obtain a more generous income.

2, living in the ground pondering, feeling the stones to cross the river.

There are two schools near

3, "themselves" five words, seize a rich.

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