After 90 to marry 52 year old bride modern social marriage concept change

now the society has become a very open society, some traditional ideas of people with a lot of changes over time, this change is reflected in people’s concept of marriage which is very obvious.

8 19, a lot of friends are in Xuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone in the east of the district held a wedding, the groom after 90, married the bride of the age of 52. Many netizens said that in the face of true love, age is not a problem, and for the new blessing. In addition, informed sources, the bride in the field of jewelry business, the groom for their employees, two people in the career together.

57 year old Li Kuncheng, 17 year old Lin Lin

57 year old lyricist Li Kuncheng announced at the beginning of the 40 year old little girl with his girlfriend, Lin Jingen plans to be married two years later, the two have been dating for about 1 and a half years. Li Kuncheng admitted to the Lin family for her family, but did not get approval, due to the Taiwan statute, under 20 years of age for parents or guardians to be married, so I want to get married until 2 years after the age of 20.

It is reported that

76 year old Lin Jian name, 25 years old Ao son

Hongkong entertainment gangster

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