CCTV reporter exposed Fang alleged fraud misappropriation of user contributions to the lawyer to buy

recently, the CCTV reporter real name exposure bin suspected of fraud, said it was a lawyer and embezzlement embezzlement donations to buy a car. Zeng Fang Fang’s court also finds Cui Yongyuan fraud, expressed support for the reporter.

Wang Zhian article excerpt:

1. Peng sword on the Internet has repeatedly claimed that the donation funds account management, even if he, moving money is not easy, bank card, passbook management by hand." But this is not in his hand on the bank card, but Peng Jian magically can swipe his own private law firm to buy a car. This shows that Peng Jian has long been cheating donors on the management of the donation account.

2. evidence shows that thousands of good friends donated funds for security funds, the manager Peng Jian direct corruption car. It is such a person, Fang Fang has been for his chest endorsement endorsement, said Peng Jian will not use a penny of security funds, this is why?

3. Peng Jian initiated the establishment of security funds in August 31, 2010, the date of the car was in September 20th, but twenty days of donations, Peng Jian put his hand to the donation. But at this time and thereafter, Fang and Peng Jian are still constantly called netizens online donations for the security funds, you know why Fang Peng sword and insisted that the security expenditure of funds can not be disclosed?

4. Peng sword buy stolen cars, issued by Beijing Hua Huan law firm invoices. The nature of the law firm is private, everyone is Peng Jian individual, but this invoice can be credited to the law should be paid by law firms. I do not know much about the tax law, Peng Jian this behavior in the end is not intended to tax evasion, please professionals to express their views.

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