Automotive beauty shop location needs to focus on what details

is now a lot of people are car owners, people’s consumption ability to continuously improve, buy a car to buy a house is not what is difficult, but also to the relevant industry development soon, automotive beauty industry belongs to the "primary" industry, the current market based gap is very large, and operate easily, profits income is diversiform, can obtain strong market support, then the car beauty shop store location need to pay attention to what?

(a) car beauty shop location needs to focus on what? The location selection decision circle analysis district is a geographical concept, refers to the store can effectively attract customers geographical area, namely the shop radiation range, which is composed of the core business district, sub district and the edge district of three parts. The selected location before the first analysis of values, which not only affect the initial success, but also for the expansion of marketing strategy and brand image on the back and lay a solid foundation.

car beauty shop location needs to focus on what? Core business district is the most recent business store, the largest customer density region, which accounts for about 45%-60% of the total number of customers. In general, the core area of automotive beauty radius of 4KM, due to the majority of customers to drive their own, the scope of the core business will be more extensive.

secondary business district is located in the core business circle and the edge of the shopping district, the customer is more dispersed, the shop radiation is weak. The probability of accidental consumption is larger, accounting for the total number of customers 20%-25%. The radius of the general secondary circle is 5-7KM.

edge shopping district is located in the core of the world’s most external, most of the customers for the accident, the opportunity to consume, the radius of more than 8KM.

analysis of the business purpose: one can master the customer a variety of consumer information, to provide effective services; two can be selected according to the size of the media business promotional activities, determine the publicity mode; the three is to determine the values of the inter shop competition plan plan will set up shop in the industry stores within the district; four is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of shop location, in order to adjust the management mode.

(two) automotive beauty shop location needs to focus on what? Location selection analysis should analyze the following elements:

car beauty shop

1, vehicle traffic by vehicle type and type.

2, pedestrian traffic by number and type. Busy, busy degree can be judged the location.

3: the number of parking spaces, parking facilities, shops easily, flow direction and location location location, open street railings.

4, store group composition: the same industry or the same number and size of the shop, shop distance, store compatibility.

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