Chongqing’s first female business incubator O2O platform set up

in the current society, women in the workplace always need to face more unfair. In order to help and their own career women, four Chongqing beauty teamed up to create Chongqing’s first female Incubation Platform — she Hui O2O.

for female entrepreneurs to build the platform of

She Hui Technology Co. company has four founders, born in 1989 Wu Yaqi is the executive director of the company, is the smallest of the four. After graduating from college in 2012, Wu Yaqi has been working in the Internet Co, from the product to the system are involved.

they said, in February this year, Chongqing city’s first female incubation O2O platform was formally established. Now, she has already has more than 700 members of female entrepreneurs.

Use the Internet to help women entrepreneurs

provides an open platform system for women entrepreneurs she Hui, system covering the whole of Chongqing’s public network. She has a member with a mobile phone access network can get the business information push system. At the same time, she Hui can also own enterprise information push accurate through the system. As a result, women who want to start with a convenient market channels. 4 Chongqing beauty together venture   to create a female entrepreneurial platform

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