Countries LED lighting industry competition

with the environmental protection, the LED lighting industry has also been a new development, the LED lighting industry in various countries are developing rapidly, showing a good picture. As more and more foreign enterprises to enter the LED Chinese market, more and more domestic enterprises to go international, in front of us, while the LED of "borderless" development and exchanges, while the other side is in different regions showing a "sunrise East" and "west of the rain".

and subsidies in this one, compared to last year seems to have weakened, since the start of the year, has been reported to receive government subsidies of LED listed companies only Huacan optoelectronic company and Yankon, the subsidies were 49 million 600 thousand yuan and 91 million 880 thousand yuan.

factory to seek self-help

and early in May will be the 2018 target of 20 billion 160 million yuan lighting lighting Panasonic, has recently announced plans to withdraw in October Indonesia LED factory of LED lighting products, it is understood that this move due to the yen devaluation led to deterioration of import revenue.

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